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Made in Italy Gin

Bottiglia di Anonimo Gin un Gin Made in Italy esplora il nostro blog distillati

The Made in Italy Gin is a dry distillate made by distilling a fermented obtained from sugars of agricultural origin. The alcohol is flavored with a mixture of spices, herbs, roots, plants and the famous juniper berries, which give it the precise aroma and taste that make the product boast the definition Gin. 


The last decade has seen a growing trend and the marketing of increasingly sought-after products related to the botanicals of the area. Old Tom Gins, typical of the 1800s, are returning to be produced and sold, and techniques from the past are also being restored to produce Compound-type gins also known as Bathub.


One such Made in Italy Gin linked to the territory is Anonimo Italian Dry Gin, on the market in Dry and Limited Edition versions with fruity, floral and spicy scents.


Territory is the first ingredient for this gin. A recipe that is based on the balance of aromas, all the botanicals must give a specific characteristic that integrates perfectly with the final organoleptic result. The main botanical as per the specification is Juniperus communis Juniperus hemisphericus.


The fleshy galbules of Juniper (also called cuddles) are used to produce our gin. A colorless distillate obtained by fermentation of organic ancient grain, in which various herbs and spices are steeped, including the Juniper galbules themselves, which impart the typical aroma and taste. The species has officinal properties: in folk medicine, the infusion of the galbules promotes diuresis, the elimination of kidney stones and is used against catarrh.


It is the careful choice of botanicals which, one by one, are blended while maintaining their own personality, intervening in the product in an exclusive way, making it unique and precious. Floral and fruity character, aromaticity, acidity and freshness, structure and roundness, persistence and balance are found in a great bottle.


Anonimo Italian Dry Gin is designed to be enjoyed neat, as a digestive at the end of a meal, where it is appreciated for its smoothness and fragrance, or to be mixed with tonic water or other spirits.


The minerality of juniper from the Italian Apennines is brought out on both palate and nose. Juniper is our reference botanical that organoleptically gives an interesting contrast between sweet and bitter. The other 4 botanicals strictly guarded by us give balance, fatness, roundness and structure. 


This gin is a tribute to the extraordinary Italian territory, the land of culinary taste, fashion and design. That’s why its packaging is intended to be beautiful and intriguing. The bottles are wrapped in authentic works of art reproduced on the label and designed exclusively for Anonima Distilleria Italiana by an artist from the beautiful country, although the real works of art are our strictly handcrafted and exclusive products.