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Italian Spirits

Italian Distillates

Anonima Distilleria Italiana‘s Italian distillates are strictly linked to the territory. Our country, known throughout the world for its food excellence, has always had a deep tradition in the cultivation of vines and the production of wines and pomace. Grappa is one of the most representative products to which we wanted to add a gin linked to the territory. We have called it Anonimo Italian Dry Gin, available on the market in Dry and Limited Edition versions with fruity, floral and spicy aromas.


Territory is the first ingredient of our distillates. The recipes are based on the balance of aromas, all the botanicals must give a specific characteristic that is in perfect harmony with the final organoleptic result. It is the careful choice of the raw materials used that maintains the personality of each of our distillates, intervening in each product in an exclusive way, making it unique and precious. Floral and fruity characters, aromaticity, acidity and freshness, structure and roundness, persistence and balance are found in our handcrafted products.

Anonimo Gin Bottiglia. Uno dei Gin Italiani di Anonima Distilleria Italiana. Italian Gins

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition spirits pay homage to the extraordinary land of Italy, the land of culinary taste, fashion and design. The packaging of our Limited Edition products is beautiful and intriguing.


The bottles are wrapped in authentic works of art reproduced on the label and designed exclusively for Anonima Distilleria Italiana by an artist from the beautiful country, but the real works of art are our strictly handcrafted and exclusive products.

Italian Bitters and Liqueurs

All our liqueurs are natural and contain no added flavourings, chemical colourings or additives. We guarantee artisanal production methods and, in addition, we select absolutely fresh vegetable raw materials.


We crush the botanicals with a mortar and pestle and filter our spirits with percolators. We produce handcrafted liqueurs for the best bars around the world and for consumption by those who seek high quality products.


Our formulas are the result of an ancient and deep passion and great care in the choice of raw materials, all of which are strictly natural. The production methodology is based on the ancient art of infusion together with the creative reinterpretation of traditional recipes.


For us, creating a recipe is a sensory journey to the land of flavours to rediscover in a sip the exclusive scents and aromas of the Italian peninsula. A journey to experience and savour slowly through the intense alcoholic notes of our infusions.


Our main supplier of raw materials is nature itself, all Anonima Distilleria Italiana extracts are obtained by macerating plants, harvested at the right balsamic period in an uncontaminated environment and placed in a hydroalcoholic solution immediately after harvesting. An absolutely Italian taste.