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The artist

Sonia Mastrosanti

From an early age, she was fascinated by the local traditions of Ciociaria and, from that moment on, Sonia Mastrosanti began to discover the artistic and cultural heritage of the area. In her travels, she was able to broaden and deepen her interest and knowledge of the artistic wonders of Italy.


This was the starting point from which she began a tiptoe journey to discover Art in all its complexity. From there, the desire to grow, the participation in the many training courses given to understand his own abilities and perfect them with time and experience. She immediately became passionate about photography, music, recycling art, ceramics and drawing.


She developed manual dexterity first with inert materials, composing small sculptures and finally arriving at painting where her creativity and narrative capacity are fully expressed in her paintings with human forms, flowers, abstract themes, landscapes in an explosion of colors and shapes never banal or excessive. Warm tones, a light but intense, feminine and attractive touch.

short c.v.

2010/2011: guest on Sky TV in the program “Pinta tu vida“, and also on Rai3 during the same period. In the same year she becomes known as an eco-artist and is mentioned in magazines: ‘Green Me‘, ‘Terranauta‘, ‘Pedagogia‘, ‘Millionaire‘.


2012: collaboration with Motocheco/Fiera di Roma.


2017: four collectives in Alatri (FR).


2023: collective in Ferentino (FR).

more information

Below are images of labels created by sonia mastrosanti with watercolors on Fabriano paper.

sonia mastrosanti


The work made with watercolors on Fabriano paper was created by the artist to express the scents and variety of colors that our Gin Magic Colors can take on. The colors of the flowers are hues that the product may take on by mixing it with other ingredients as its pH changes.

sonia mastrosanti


A gin that gives you a thought with every sip, just as the artist’s stroke lets you imagine turning your gaze to her artwork. A serene and carefree face of the modern woman.

sonia mastrosanti


A glimpse of the past, a futurist trait, to express the character of a unique and classy gin that lets you taste the slow resting in barrels.

sonia mastrosanti

retro models

A style somewhat Creole and retro like the title the painter gave to her artwork associated with a gin created to recall the scents and flavors of exotic fruits and spices.

sonia mastrosanti

nude woman

A unique style with which the painter imagines a female nude expressing softness and sinuosity in the lines, just as this gin captures you both by smell and taste, soft, indulgent and unique.

sonia mastrosanti


A painting that might be reminiscent of the style of the well-known Spanish artist with cubist strokes. You can clearly recognize the pop-art acronym for Popular art that represents a meeting point between art and ordinary people. We associated it with a gin reminiscent of the meeting of the scents and colors of continental forests. With each taste we can clearly recognize the flavor of red fruits and the scents of underbrush after rain.

sonia mastrosanti

woman in bloom

Glance at a sensual female face with a look concealed by a veil of beautiful, colorful spring flowers. A painting that leaves floral, herbaceous scent and flavor lingering with a smoky note similar to the finest spirits from the Scottish island of Islay.

sonia mastrosanti

the colors to drink

For the bottle we have chosen a dress that is an explosion of colors, scents and flavors as well as each of our products in accordance with exclusive recipes and made with natural ingredients express unique and classy flavors and colors. Anonima Distilleria Italiana creates the elegant drink that distinguishes you in choosing it.