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About Us

Scopri chi siamo su Anonima Distilleria Italiana. Una storia di passione, tradizione e innovazione nell’arte della distillazione. Da generazioni, creiamo grappe, liquori e l’Anonimo Italian Dry Gin con ingredienti genuini e dedizione artigianale. Conosci il nostro percorso nel mondo dei distillati italiani

Anonima Distilleria Italiana

This story of two grappa-loving brothers begins in Emilia and continues in a small village in the hills of Lazio. The two decide to take over an old distillery abandoned at the end of the First World War.


In 1930 they reopened it and decided to call it Anonima Distilleria Italiana, out of respect for the former owners whose trace had been lost. Italy, a country with an ancient winemaking tradition, has always produced rich and scent of pomace, so the two brothers, in keeping with the family tradition, decided to continue the production of the prized eaux-de-vie and delicious flower and herb liqueurs.


In 1970 Anonima Distilleria Italiana changed hands. A nephew who had returned from an experience in England inherited the family business and decided to create new and more modern recipes for liqueurs and distillates while maintaining craftsmanship with small production batches.


His time in the UK had made him an expert gin connoisseur and taster, so he created his first 100% Italian product, which he called Anonimo Italian Dry Gin.


Today, Anonima Distilleria Italiana still offers this ancient recipe with five botanical ingredients and the best juniper berries from our Apennines.

Our Mission

Anonima Distilleria Italiana is a family business with ancient traditions handed down from father to son. Throughout the years, the company has always had as its primary objective the use of genuine, zero-kilometre ingredients.


A company that always keeps up with new market trends and constantly renews itself in strict respect of the liqueur tradition. The use of products with low environmental impact, refined ingredients selected mainly in Italy, but also sourcing ingredients from international markets.


The company, a small Italian company, wants to remain anonymous and respect the original artisanal production methods. It constantly invests in innovation in terms of label packaging, communication, commercial organisation and all processes related to business management.


The customer is at the centre of our primary attention, to whom we dedicate our exclusive products that contribute to enriching pleasant social moments, arousing emotions linked to responsible and quality consumption.